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Dan Schepleng


Dan Schepleng

I’ve put off writing this for a while. I hate these biographies. They’re dumb. They’re always in the third person too, like they’ve be written by some magical writer who has never met the all-important Mr. Schepleng. I don’t think people read this. Who cares? I was born in Annapolis, grew up in Pasadena (not that one), and I’ve been doing creative for a long time—ever since I was fifteen. My first job was editing a Federal Student Aid commercial. I bought golf clubs to celebrate and used them twice.

The truth is you can’t get to know someone from a paragraph. You know how you get to know someone? Coffee. I'm really good at getting coffee. Let’s get coffee and talk about how we can do some great work together. In the meantime enjoy me staring at you from the bathroom mirror, it's where most of the creative work happens anyways.

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LocationBaltimore, MD