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David Lanter


David Lanter

David Lanter, Ph.D., GISP, CISA Director – Information Technology Auditing and Cyber Security Programs, Temple University. David recently joined the faculty of Temple University’s Fox School of Business in the Management Information Systems Department as director of the Information Technology and Cyber Security programs. As vice president at CDM Smith, he routinely led teams of software engineers, computer scientists, data specialists, and subject matter experts in designing and developing high-performance applications, decision support systems, and enterprise data architectures for public and private sector organizations at national, regional and local levels. Professor Lanter was Research Director at the Rand McNally map and atlas company, software design engineer and quality assurance lead at Microsoft, and systems analyst at Grumman Data Systems. His Ph.D. is in Geographic Information Processing from the University of South Carolina, his Master of Science degree is in Information Technology Auditing and Cyber Security from Temple University, his Master of Arts degree is in Geographic Information Systems from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and his Bachelor of Arts with honors is in Science, Technology, and Society from Clark University. He has served on a number of Urban and Regional Information System Association's (URISA) committees including chairing its Workshop Development and Curriculum Development committees and is a founding member and instructor of the URISA Leadership Academy.

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