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Storytelling Happy Hour

The "Be Here: Baltimore” mobile storytelling initiative uses new mobile technologies to give local voices a new platform for their location-based stories of the city’s culture, history, and people. Visitors walk onto a certain street or neighborhood and the space suddenly opens up its history and hidden riches for them to hear from a location-aware app on their smartphones. This initiative is a new and unique form of storytelling, yet it is also part of a deep tradition of making a world for ourselves in which we don’t just survive, but we thrive.

At the event visitors will learn the basics of creating a compelling digital story and how to use a new, free mobile platform (izi.TRAVEL) to geolocate their content. They will then get an opportunity to create their own stories and upload them while listening to some of the best stories from the MuseWeb Foundation's first round of mobile storytelling grants and enjoying beer sold by Peabody Heights Brewery.

1400 Greenmount Avenue 21202
Map of location


  • MuseWeb Foundation
  • OpenWorks
  • Peabody Heights Brewery

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