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Startup HSS 2016

About the event:

Everyone has an idea, something about the world around them they think they can change for the better. At Startup HSS, you will be given two days to pitch your idea, gather teammates, and work hard in an effort to turn your dream into a reality. At the end of the two days, you will present your business plan and marketing presentation to your peers and end the event with a party! We believe that students deserve an opportunity to start their own business. Startup HSS 2016 is their first opportunity to take an idea and work with mentors and judges to successfully build their own startup.

October 1st:

12:30pm to 1:00pm - Registration

1:00pm to 2:00pm - Lunch + Opening Presentation

2:00pm to 3:00pm - Keynote + Entrepreneurial Experience

3:00pm to 3:45pm - Student Pitches and Team Formation

3:45pm to 4:00pm - Business Presentation

4:00pm to 4:15pm - Break

4:15pm to 4:30pm - Marketing Presentation

4:30pm to 4:45pm - Research Techniques

4:45pm to 5:30pm - Dinner

5:30pm to 9:00pm - Business Plan Formation + Mentor Discussion + Market Research

October 2nd:

9:00am to 10:00am - Breakfast

10:00am to 12:00pm - Finalize Business Plan and Marketing Presentation

12:00pm to 12:30pm - Mentor Discussion

12:30pm to 1:15pm - Lunch</li> <li>1:15pm to 1:30pm - Preparation for presentations

1:30pm to 3:00pm - Final Team Presentations

3:00pm to 3:30pm - Judging and Team Celebrations

3:30pm to 4:00pm - Award Ceremony

4:00pm to 4:30pm - Keynote by Deb Tillett, President of ETC

Emerging Technology Center's Haven Campus
101 N. Haven St. Baltimore, MD 21224
Suite 301
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