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Spark at Spark Hackathon

The event kicks off on September 24, at Spark Baltimore, with a meet-and-greet and introductions to your teams. Then 24 hours of coding begins, Saturday starting at high noon and running until noon on Sunday. To wrap everything up, teams will present their results and stories in a mini pitch competition. Industry leaders will be on hand to help mentor teams both on code and discovering the story of the data while they are hacking to help them formulate their ideas, review their code and build something awesome!

Whether you are a data scientist, statistician, developer, designer, or anyone else interested in a fun unique challenge, bring your skills, ideas, insights, and creativity to this hackathon!

For the challenge, teams will tackle:

Sense Making, what is in the data, what is unique?

Transformation, mold the data using Apache Spark to create insights and utility.

Storytelling, what does the data tell you, what was your process and what did you learn along the way.

Join us, have some fun, create, and be part of the Baltimore innovation community!

Spark Baltimore
8 Market Place, Baltimore MD 21202
3rd Floor
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  • Meta Studios Inc
  • Spark Baltimore

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