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Power Up! @ Maryland Science Center

Celebrate tech and innovation at Power Up! An exhibit featured by Maryland Science Center.

Power Up! teaches visitors how energy lights up our lives from hydro-electricity to volts and generators. Interactive challenges include team-work to rev generators, power up various objects and keep the city lit as electrical engineers.

It takes an amazing combination of intricate elements to make turning on the light switch as commonplace as tying your shoes. Power Up! is the Science Center’s exhibit on everything electric. From generation to delivery, grids to outlets, and jolts to volts, you’ll be shocked at how power weaves its way into everything we do in our everyday lives.

Exhibit Highlights:

Work as a team to turn a generator and power up different household items You’re the electrical engineer who has to distribute power across a city to keep everything lit Harness the force of water to make hydro-electricity

Maryland Science Center
601 Light St. 21230
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  • Maryland Science Center

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