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Baltimore Virtual and Augmented Reality Meetup

We're bringing VR to Baltimore Innovation Week!

Come on out and try a bunch of awesome VR/AR experiences, including:

  • Terry Kilby/Elevated Element - Aerial Augmented Imaging
  • Akibimi Productions - Career Opportunities in Organized Crime VR Film
  • Earthborn Interactive - Flutterbombs VR Aerial Combat Game
  • LookOn Media - Look On Media creates captivating and inspirational Virtual Reality experiences that fundamentally impact audiences in memorable ways.
  • STEMBright - VR Experiences created by University of Baltimore students.
  • ImmersiMap Global – Experience their Explore 360™ Immersive Video Navigation in VR.
  • Molecular Jig Games - You have seen NanoBots piloted by Raquel Welch, Dennis Quaid and Ms. Frizzle but now you can drive your own: Nano Crasher VR!
  • 7 Hills VR - VRolleyball Game
  • BaltiVirtual - HoloTats and Vive Experiences

And more TBA soon!

If you'd like to show off a VR/AR project, please contact: will@baltivirtual.com


6:30: Doors open / networking

7:00: Intro and quick updates from all presenters

7:15: Demos!

9:00: Head out to Fells for a beer

Looking forward to seeing everyone!

Living Classrooms
1417 Thames Street, Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD
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