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Dev Talks

Join us for an afternoon of high-level dev talks focused around problem solving and innovative solutions. You'll hear from multiple dev experts talking about real world scenarios and the tools they're using. Emceed by Gabriel Pendleton from Baltimore Game Lab. There will be a mix of 10 minute lightning presentations and 20 minute in-depth talks.

Lunch will also be provided!


  • 12:30 PM | Registration, Lunch & Networking
  • 1:00 PM | Welcoming Remarks
  • 1:10 PM | Program Begins
  • 1:50 PM | BREAK
  • 2:15 PM | Program Resumes
  • 3:05 PM | BREAK
  • 3:30 PM | Program Resumes
  • 4:20 PM | Program Ends

Presentation Descriptions:

Integrating a UX team into an Engineering Driven Culture with Atom Groom, Tenable

User Experience is a popular term these days and the movement is getting bigger and bigger. Some organizations have been completely transformed by integrating UX teams into their process, while others are just getting started. During this talk, we’ll discuss what it looks like to drop a team of UX designers directly into an engineering driven company. In addition, we’ll share what we have learned and provide actionable items to help you do the same or refine your current process.

Analysis of Complex Systems using a Graph Database with Chris Beckey, MTS Architect, PayPal Credit

Analysis of existing systems within a medium or large company can be a daunting task. Years of undocumented modification, prototypes pushed to production and uncontrolled integration at every level can lead to a tangle of dependencies. This talk will introduce the usage of a graph database as a repository of the connectivity between system components. The tools developed to extract connectivity information will be described and results demonstrated.

Building Web Applications and with Concrete5 with Bethany, CourseArc

Concrete5 is a little-known CMS that is very developer-friendly. Learn how CourseArc was built on top of concrete5 and find out what kind of websites work best with the CMS.

High Quality or High Velocity - The Eternal Conflict For Dev Teams with Anand Natrajan, Videology

Too often development teams are caught in the dilemma of either producing features and functions quickly at the expense of quality, or focusing on quality and cutting back on the pace of development. At Videology, we believe that high quality and high velocity feed off each other, improving both in the process. In this talk we will present evidence showing this belief in action, and briefly discuss some of the ways dev teams can achieve it for themselves.

API Meets UI: Simplifying Application Architecture with Dual Authentication with Elliot Sneeringer, Publishing Services

More often than not, the UI of an application and the API are separate entities. One of the main reasons for this is due to the difference in how you authenticate a user logging into the application compared to a request coming into your API. At Publishing Services we simplify this by building service first applications with dynamic dual authentication. This talk will provide a high-level overview of why this is efficient and how it is possible.

Human(s)-centered Design with Gillian Henker, Chief Technology Officer and Cofounder of Sisu Global Health

Developing medical device requirements is not just about the end user as (singular) human-centered design implies. Many different stakeholders interact with a medical device during its full life cycle. The engineering requirements drawn from conversations with many stakeholders can influence design more significantly than the viewpoint of a single end user. Understanding the different viewpoints of all the stakeholders is especially important in health systems in a different cultural or geographic context.

Transforming physical space with AR, VR and 3D with Froilan Miranda, Technologist, Zip Code Wilmington

By leveraging a handful of software packages and the latest hardware for AR and VR, we can now transform a simple space into an immersive interactive experience. Learn what software and hardware are needed to create an AR/VR experience and how to determine which set of tools are right for your project

Meetings about Spreadsheets: What I learned in my first 6 months as a tech manager with Alex Viana, VP of Engineering, Terbium Labs

Motor House
120 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21201
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